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  • About Our Team: Promoting positive community and economic growth for your HOA.

  • Michael Smith | President & CEO

    Michael Smith established Desert Edge Property Management in 2003 in effort to provide a better connection between management, Board Members and the community. Michael is passionate about continuing to build and improve services for clients always working to push Desert Edge to higher levels of success.

    Michael is a Taurus, likes long walks on the beach, enjoys traveling, hiking, sports of all kinds, Pearl Jam and spending time with his family and friends.

    Email: msmith@desertedgepm.com  |  Phone: (801) 265-9004

  • Justin McDermaid | Manager/Director

    Justin started with Desert Edge in 2006. With a background in collections and business, has worked side by side with Michael to facilitate internal processes and the continued growth of the company.

    Justin is the company “gentle giant” enjoys hunting, fishing, football, cooking and raising his beautiful daughter.

    Email: justin@desertedgepm.com  |  Phone: (801) 265-9004

  • Nathan Robinson | Manager

    Nathan joined the Desert Edge team in 2016. Nathan has a background in customer service, collections, banking, and being an overall nice guy.

    Nathan enjoys anything outdoors and can teach almost anyone how to fly-fish. Nathan loves spending time with his family and travel.

    Email: nate@desertedgepm.com  |  Phone: (801) 265-9004

  • Skyler Trent | Manager

    Skyler joined the Desert Edge team in 2017. Skyler has worked in community management for ten years, working is way up through ranks. Skyler has become an integral part of the Desert Edge team.

    Skyler enjoys outdoors, fishing, sports, and having a good time with family and friends.

    Email: skyler@desertedgepm.com  |  Phone: (801) 265-9004

  • Zach Mitchell | Manager

    Zach joined the Desert Edge team in 2017. Zach has been involved in community management for 5 years starting with odd jobs and moving into management. Zach works hard to provide the highest level of service to his clients.

    Zach enjoys hanging out with his family, cars and anything with wheels, Dallas Cowboys that’s how we know he fits in here.

    Email: zach@desertedgepm.com  |  Phone: (801) 265-9004


  • Carol Ramsay | Property Inspector

    Carol joined the Desert Edge team in 2009. Carol started with Desert Edge after being an HOA Board Member and brings a Board Member perspective to our team. Carol is a schoolteacher by day and our inspection superhero after school.

    Carol enjoys travel, a huge Utah Utes fan, loves the outdoors, and enjoys spending her free time with her friends and family.

    Email: info@desertedgepm.com  |  Phone: (801) 265-9004

  • Sammie Austin | Office Administrator

    Sammie came to Desert Edge in 2017. Sammie has worked in customer service, accounting, and reception. Sammie is usually the first smiling face to greet our clients.

    Sammie enjoys binging Netflix, a good nap, family and friends and might be the office crazy cat lady.

    Email: admin@desertedgepm.com  |  Phone: (801) 265-9004


  • Audrey Forward | Accounts Payable

    Audrey joined Desert Edge in 2017. Audrey has a background in in accounts payable, property management and customer service.

    Audrey likes Pearl Jam (that’s why she was hired) hiking and camping with her family and going to Jazz games with her son.

    Email: apclerk@desertedgepm.com  |  Phone: (801) 265-9004

  • Jan Rokich | Office Guru

    Jan joined Desert Edge in 2017. Jan is a jack of all trades with a background in accounting, office administration, banking and property management.

    Jan enjoys golf, crafts, the outdoors and spending time with her husband.

    Email: info@desertedgepm.com  |  Phone: (801) 265-9004